Facilitated Grants Program

The Water Center coordinates efforts to prepare and submit multidisciplinary water research and technology transfer projects for funding.

The center assists in team building, design and preparation of proposals and budgets, and developing cooperative relationships with state, federal, and private agencies.

This opportunity offered by the Water Center allows a researcher or research team to negotiate directly with any federal agency. Once the agreement on project scope and budget is reached, funds can be transferred from the federal agency to the USGS. These funds then move from USGS to the Water Center for use by the principal investigator. Funds also may be transferred from the USGS Water Resources Division field offices.

Ten simple steps for using the Facilitated Projects Program

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* The Virginia Water Center can facilitate this process upon request from the principal investigator or the agency.

  1. Principal investigator and a sponsoring Federal agency conduct preliminary discussions of mutual research interest.*
  2. Agency prepares an RFP for the principal investigator, specifying the respective roles of the agency and the principal investigator (optional).
  3. Principal investigator prepares a grant proposal and budget. The proposal should be of primary benefit to the applicant and result in the advance of applied and basic water sciences information. Work primarily for the benefit of the agency is not funded under this program. The budget should include administrative fees for the USGS (item 7 below) and for the VWRRC (item 4 below).
  4. Principal investigator submits draft proposal with budget for their own university review and simultaneously submits to VWRRC for review of project schedule and determination of any VWRRC administrative charges (2% of project cost, not to exceed $2000). The project schedule cannot extend beyond the period of performance of the USGS base grant to Virginia Water Center, which currently terminates by the end February each year.
  5. Principal investigator submits draft of proposal and budget to sponsoring agency. *
  6. Principal investigator and sponsoring agency agree on final scope of work and budget. *
  7. Sponsoring agency submits scope of work to USGS , agrees to transfer funds to USGS (Office of External Research – Reston) using federal interagency transfer procedures and provides a statement of assistance or grant making authority. (NOTE: USGS will add an administrative charge. For information contact the USGS Office of External Research, John Schefter, schefter@usgs.gov, (703) 648-6800).*
  8. Concurrent with step 7, the Virginia Water Resources Research Center submits a proposal to the USGS Office of External Research for the defined scope of work and budget, including SF424. *
  9. USGS Office of External Research provides funds as an addition to the Virginia Water Center base grant. The USGS issues the award within 30 days of the completion of Steps 7 and 8.
  10. The Virginia Tech Office of Sponsored Programs establishes an account in the academic unit and university of the principal investigator. The award is equal to the total project budget less USGS and VWRRC administrative charges.

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