Top Photos Selected for Our Annual Virginia Waters Photography Contest

We are pleased to announce our annual Virginia Waters Photography Contest winners! We received so many amazing entries and have really enjoyed seeing the photographers’ creativity and talent! The photo contest ran from October 2020 until April 2021 and was open to any Virginia college and university student. All photos feature water in Virginia. The top three photos and six honorable mentions are below. Click here to see all entries.

First Place: Luca Pfeiffer (University of Virginia)

A yellow-crowned night heron shows off its prized catch as it happily prances through the marsh in Pleasure House Natural Area in Virginia Beach, VA.

Second Place: Coral Hendrix (Virginia Tech)

This photo of the South Fork Piney River was taken in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest.

Third Place: Luca Pfeiffer (University of Virginia)

A cottonmouth snake slowly drifts through marsh water as a dragonfly rests on its body. Shot in Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, VA.

Honorable Mentions

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