Top Photos Selected for Our Annual Virginia Waters Photography Contest

We are pleased to announce our annual Virginia Waters Photography Contest winners! We received so many amazing entries and have really enjoyed seeing the photographers’ creativity and talent! The photo contest features water in Virginia and was open to any Virginia college and university student. The top three photos and Honorable Mentions are below. See all entries and find out more at:

First Place: Luca Pfeiffer (University of Virginia)

A blue heron hunts for food during a golden sunset.

Second Place: Andrew Lucas (Virginia Tech)

The photo was taken during a beautiful fall evening in Richmond, VA on the Kanawha Canal.

Third Place: Aidan McCarthy (Virginia Tech)

A wood duck drake found in a small pond in Roanoke, VA.

Honorable Mentions:

Honorable Mention: Great Falls National Park – Babita Thapa (VT)

Honorable Mention: Alexandria waterfront – Laljeet Sangha (VT)

Honorable Mention: two sanderlings in Hampton, VA’s Grandview Nature Preserve – Tara Malloy (William & Mary)

Honorable Mention: the upper Cascades waterfalls in Jefferson National Forest – Elizabeth Prior (VT)

Honorable Mention: Water droplets on a rainy day at the VT Duck Pond – Emily Plunkett (VT)

Honorable Mention: Atlantic Ocean at sunrise at Sandbridge Beach – Molly Hagerman (VT)

Honorable Mention: Beautiful sunset in Champlain, VA – Catherine Ottley (UVA)

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