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The Virginia Stormwater Management BMP Clearinghouse is a web site established to serve several key purposes:

  • Disseminate the design standards and specifications of all stormwater best management practices (BMPs) approved for use in Virginia to control the quality and/or quantity of stormwater runoff.  This information covers the following categories of stormwater BMPs:

Traditional practices, such as detention or wet ponds;

Low impact development (LID) practices, such as bioretention and roof drain disconnection;

Environmental site design (ESD) practices, such as cluster development and land conservation; and

Manufactured treatment devices (MTDs), such as hydrodynamic separators and filters.

  • Disseminate the results of Virginia’s process to evaluate and certify the performance claims of manufactured/proprietary BMPs approved for use in Virginia; and
  • Provide information and links to related websites to those who must comply with the Virginia Stormwater Management Law and Regulations.

The BMP Clearinghouse is jointly administered by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Virginia Water Resources Research Center (VWRRC).


The BMP Clearinghouse is organized to allow different types of users, from regulators to BMP owners, to quickly find specific information of interest.  Across the top of each page is a set of administrative links to search either within the site or the world wide web.  Along the left side of each page is a set of links to regulatory and technical information pertaining to key elements and functions of the BMP Clearinghouse.

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