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Welcome to the Virginia Water Center

The Water Center offers resources and support to researchers, educators, and decision makers throughout the state of Virginia. We do this by facilitating collaborative research, extension, and education programs to develop solutions to water resource challenges. We work across Virginia's academic institutions and with federal, state, regional, nonprofit, and campus communities. Learn more about us.

Virginia Water Resources Research Center Student Grant Recipients for 2015

Recently, the Water Center had its annual competition for recognizing and supporting students studying water resources in Virginia. In the Competitive Grants category, awards went to...

VT Spotlight on innovative nature of new water degree program

New degree program will help students with both the scientific and human sides of water issues Competition for clean water around the world intensifies year...

Apply for the 2015 William R. Walker Graduate Research Fellow Award

Applications are now welcome for the 2015 William R. Walker Graduate Research Fellow Award.  Graduate students from Virginia Tech are invited to submit applications to the...