Water Quality Academic Advisory Committee


The Virginia General Assembly in the 1997 Water Quality Monitoring, Information and Restoration Act (WQMIR) directed the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to develop the EPA-required 303(d) and 305(b) reports in consultation with experts from the state’s universities. To meet the WQMIR academic consultation requirements, the DEQ asked the Virginia Water Resources Research Center (VWRRC) to organize and coordinate a Water Quality Academic Advisory Committee (WQAAC) to serve as an independent advisory body to the DEQ. The WQAAC reviews and evaluates the scientific merits of the DEQ’s existing and evolving water quality assessment procedures for the 305(b) and 303 (d) reports.

Recent Reports

Nutrient Criteria Development for Flowing Surface Waters

2016AAC Report 2016 – Wadeable Streams

2014 Lessons from Florida’s Experience Developing Numeric Nutrient Standards for Flowing Waters

2012 – Technical and Policy Considerations and Options in Assessing Nutrient Stresses on Freshwater Streams in VA

2012 – AAC Reports 2012 – Wadeable  Streams

2010 – AAC Report 2010– Wadeable Streams, Non-Wadeable Streams (Phase IV) & Downstream Loading

2009 – AAC Report 2009 – Wadeable Streams

– AAC Report 2009 – Non-Wadeable Streams (Phase III)

2008 – AAC Progress Report  – Non-Wadeable Streams (Phase II)

2007 – AAC Report December 2006 – Wadeable Streams & Downstream Loading

ACC Progress Report – Non-Wadeable Streams (Phase I)

2006 – AAC Report 2006

–  Literature Review

Development of Aquatic Life Use Assessment Protocols for Class VII Waters

2020 AAC 2020 Report; Appendices A-E (Excel spreadsheet)

2019AAC 2019 Report; erratum to AAC 2019 Report (Appendix H)

2017 AAC 2017 Report

2016AAC 2016 Addendum Report

2016AAC 2016 Report

2015AAC 2015 Report

2014AAC 2014 Report

2013AAC 2013 Report

2012AAC 2012 Report

Other AAC Reports

2022 PFAS Monitoring Options to Evaluate Virginia’s Surface Waters

2020 – Water Quality Assessment Procedures for Virginia: Dissolved Oxygen Assessment of Lakes and Reservoirs

2019Emerging Contaminants in the Waters of Virginia

2015 Using Single Sample Information to Evaluate Criteria for Waterbody Health Risk

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