Virginia Water Legislation

The Virginia Water Resources Research Center maintains inventories of water-related measures considered by the Virginia General Assembly. Below is the link for the final version of the inventory for the 2024 session, as of July 12, 2024 (following the April 17 reconvened session and the May special session).

2024 Water-related Legislation File (PDF)

Click here for a more detailed list of 11 potentially significant water-related bills from the most recent General Assembly session, including their status.  

Inventories from recent years:

Inventories for earlier years (back to 1998) are available in the Virginia Tech Library’s online collections. You can browse and search that set of inventories at this link. Click on “Browse by Issue Date” to sort the files into chronological order.

Each year’s inventory lists measures that deal with water resources or with land activities with a relatively direct impact on water. The inventories also include some bills that may affect water resources indirectly, such as certain bills about air pollution, electricity generation, or transportation. The inventories were compiled based on information provided by the Virginia Legislative Information System (LIS) website.

Other Organizations’ Updates

Here are links to some other organizations’ updates on natural resource legislation in the Virginia General Assembly:

Tracking Legislation and Voicing Your Opinion

The General Assembly’s website offers several useful features, including member lists, session calendars, live video of floor sessions, and information on legislative processes. Legislative Information System (LIS) provides lists and summaries of all bills, searchable by topic, member, committee, etc. Richmond Sunlight also offers tools for following the General Assembly and for learning about Virginia law.

To express an opinion on legislation, citizens are requested to contact their respective delegate of senator.  If you do not know your representatives or their contact information, you can use the online “Who’s My Legislator” service.

You can find members’ contact information at these links:

The Lobbyist-In-A-Box subscriber service also offers free tracking for up to five bills, and it offers tracking of more than five bills for a fee; visit their website here.  For assistance, phone Legislative Automated Systems at (804) 786-9631.

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