Virginia Water Faculty

This is a listing of faculty members at Virginia universities that specialize in water resources. If you would like to have your name added to this list, please contact the Water Center staff at Faculty may also be added to our email distribution list by contacting Kevin McGuire.

Faculty NameDepartment/UniversityResearch Interests
Changwoo Ahn
Environmental Science and Policy/George Mason UniversityWetland ecosystem ecology, ecological engineering, wetland creation and restoration
George Allen
Geosciences/Virginia TechRemote sensing of hydrology, limnology, surface water resources, fluvial geomorphology 
Paul Angermeier
Fish and Wildlife Conservation/Virginia TechEcology and conservation of fishes, ecosystem services provided by watersheds, use of biotic communities to assess water quality
Mike Aust
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia TechEffects of forestry best management practices (BMPs) on water quality, riparian forests and water quality, management of forested wetlands
Brian Badgley
School of Plan and Environmental Sciences/Virginia TechFate and transport of microbial contaminants, aquatic microbial ecology, biogeochemistry
Natasha Bell
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia TechEcological engineering, treatment wetlands, water quality, wastewater treatment
Elinor Benami 
Agricultural & Applied Economics/Virginia TechWater resource monitoring/drought early warning, encouraging compliance with water regulations, evaluating welfare impacts of water-related insurance programs  (e.g., drought, flood)
Fred Benfield
Biological Sciences/Virginia TechStream ecology
Brian Benham
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Nonpoint source pollution control, watershed modeling, household quality

Gregory Boardman
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Industrial waste treatment, water and wastewater treatment, environmental toxicology, aquaculture

Dean R. Bork
Landscape Architecture/Virginia Tech

Watershed sensitive site design/planning, low impact development, stormwater management
Darrell Bosch
Agricultural and Applied Economics/Virginia Tech

Water quality, cost, economic incentives
Brian Brown
Biological Sciences/Virginia TechAquatic community ecology, river network structure, benthic macroinvertebrates, crayfish
Paul A. Bukaveckas

Center for Environmental Studies/Virginia Commonwealth University
Harmful algal blooms, nutrient cycling, rivers
Tom Burbey
Geosciences/Virginia Tech
Hydrogeology, aquifer mechanics, land subsidence
Karen Bushaw-Newton

Biology and Natural Sciences/Northern Virginia community College
Aquatic microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, stream restoration and dam removal
Ryan Calder
Population Health Sciences/Virginia TechWater quality, environmental modeling, environmental policy, decision analysis, risk analysis, exposure assessment.
Cayelan Carey
Biological Sciences/
Virginia Tech
Limnology, lake and reservoir ecology, water quality, biogeochemistry, plankton, diatoms
Frederick Cheng frederick.cheng@virginia.eduEnvironmental Sciences/University of VirginiaEcohydrology, nutrient biogeochemistry, environmental modeling, nature-based solutions for water quality issues
Kelly Cobourn

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/
Virginia Tech
Water resource economics, water rights, management of surface water and groundwater, irrigation
Alasdair Cohen
Population Health Sciences/Virginia Tech Drinking water, rural health, environmental epidemiology
Bernard J. Cosby

Environmental Sciences/ University of Virginia
Biogeochemistry, environmental modeling, catchment science
William Cox
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech
Water law, water resources planning, water policy
Jonathan A. Czuba 

Biological Systems Engineering /Virginia Tech
River/floodplain morphodynamics, river hydraulics, sediment transport, dam removal, watershed modeling
W. Lee Daniels
Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences/Virginia Tech
Mining impacts on water quality, wetland creation and restoration, land application of wastes, water quality
Brenda Davy

Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise/Virginia Tech
Water and beverage intake, dietary assessment, obesity prevention and treatment
Kevin P. Davy
Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise/Virginia Tech

Investigating the role of water and beverage consumption in obesity prevention and treatment, and assessing beverage intake patterns
Andrea Dietrich
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Water quality and water treatment, sensory analysis of odorous compounds
Paul A. Dirmeyer
Dept. of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences/George Mason University
Land-atmosphere interaction, global water and energy cycles, numerical modeling, water and climate
Randel Dymond
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechSustainable land development, urban stormwater quality and quantity, geographic information systems
Zachary Easton
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech
Hydrology, water quality, watershed modeling
Dwayne Edwards
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia TechSurface hydrology, statistical characterization, modeling and monitoring
Marc Edwards

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Corrosion, aquatic chemistry, engineering ethics
Drew Ellis
Geography/Virginia Tech

Hydroclimatic variability and change, drought, water resource sustainability
Sally Entrekin
Entomology/Virginia TechAquatic entomology, restoration, and food webs
Luis Escobar
Fish and Wildlife Conservation/Virginia TechAquatic invasive species in fresh and sea waters, climate change coastal ecosystem health, epidemiology and ecology of water-borne pathogens
Joseph O. Falkinham, III
Biological Sciences/Virginia Tech

Epidemiology and ecology of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) Role of bacteria in Mn-cycling in water distribution systems
Hosein Foroutan
Civil & Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechEmerging pollutants in environmental flow systems, air-water and sediment-water interactions, computational fluid dynamics 
Kirin Emlet Furst
Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering/George Mason UniversityWater treatment, wastewater reuse, drinking water policy, exposure risk assessment, fate and transport of emerging contaminants
Eranga Galappaththi
Geography/Virginia TechIndigenous knowledge systems, social-ecological systems, water resource governance
Daniel Gallagher

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Environmental statistics and data analysis, risk assessment, food safety, environmental modeling and simulation
JP Gannon
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia TechStreamflow generation, catchment hydrology, hydrology teaching
Joseph Garcia

Biological and Environmental Sciences/
Longwood University
Human impacts on fluvial systems, historical Piedmont erosion, fluvial geomorphology and statigraphy
Raj GC
School of Public and International Affairs/Virginia TechMultiple-use water services (MUS), water security and sanitation, sustainable rural water supply, water policy and governance, water-food nexus  
Adil Godrej
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Environmental modeling and simulation, nonpoint pollution monitoring and control
Stan Grant
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechPollutant fate and transport modeling, river and coastal water quality, addressing environmental challenges through convergence research 
Austin Gray
Biological Sciences/Virginia TechAquatic toxicology; occurrence, fate, and impact of emerging contaminants; aquatic microbial ecology, biogeochemistry
Ralph Hall
School of Public and International Affairs/Virginia TechMultiple-use water services, sustainable WASH, human right to water
Conrad Heatwole
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Hydrology, watershed modeling, geospatial analysis
W. Cully Hession

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Channel morphology, sediment transport and fate, stream restoration
Erich Hester
Civil and Environmental Engineering /Virginia Tech

Stream and river hydraulics, ecosystem restoration, water quality
Erin R. Hotchkiss

Biological Sciences/Virginia Tech
Stream and river ecology, limnology, biogeochemistry, water quality
Paul R. Houser

Geography and Geoinformation Sciences/George Mason University
Land surface-atmospheric remote sensing, in-situ simulation, hydrologic data assimilation, global water and energy cycling
Luke Juran

Virginia Tech
Sustainable water-resources management; household water-treatment and safe storage; hydro-social cycle; water–hazards interface; human-nature interactions
Anuj Karpatne
Computer Science/Virginia TechCombining process-based models with machine learning, scientific knowledge-guided machine learning, improving robustness and generalization of machine learning in water research
David Kibler
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Urban hydrology, stormwater management, flood forecasting, hydraulic structures
Karen Kline
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Water quality modeling, watershed management, TMDLs
William Knocke
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Physical-chemical treatment of water and wastewater, chemistry of aquatic systems, sludge treatment and disposal

Leigh-Anne Krometis

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Indicator bacteria, public health, rural drinking water
Yanna Lambrinidou
Science and Technology Studies/Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center

Lead in drinking water policy,
science and engineering ethics,
public participation in environmental science research
Theo Lim
Urban Affairs and Planning/ Virginia TechIntegrated land/water resource planning and management, green infrastructure, urban planning, environmental policy
Erin Ling
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Private water supplies (wells, springs, and cisterns), drinking water and human health, behavior change and water quality impacts
John Little

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Emissions from building materials, hypolimnetic oxygenation of stratified lakes and reservoirs
Landon Marston lmarston@vt.eduCivil & Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechWater use science / water footprint; water infrastructure; water governance; multiscale, complex human-water systems.
Christine May

Biology/James Madison University

Stream ecology, ecogeomorphology, ecohydrology
Karen McGlathery

Environmental Sciences/University of Virginia

Aquatic ecology, biogeochemical controls on estuarine nutrient dynamics, ecophysiology of algae and seagrasses, marine conservation and management.
Kevin McGuire

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech

Hydrology, watershed management, biogeochemistry
Daniel McLaughlin

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech
Ecohydrology, wetland and stream processes, emerging environmental sensors, watershed hydrology, biogeomorphology
Meryl Mims
Biological Sciences/Virginia TechConservation biology, species vulnerability to climate change, intermittent stream ecology, landscape genetics in freshwaters
Saied Mostaghimi

CALS Research/Virginia TechNonpoint source pollution control, environmental impact assessment
Dave Muñoz
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechCompound flood hazards, coastal to inland hydrodynamics, deep learning & data fusion
Don Orth

Fish and Wildlife Conservation/Virginia TechStream habitat management, environmental flows, fish population analysis
James Parkhurst
Fish and Wildlife Conservation/Virginia Tech

Wetland ecology and management, wetland wildlife management, wetland creation and restoration
Jim Pease

Agricultural and Applied Economics/Virginia Tech

Farm and watershed modeling, economics of best management practices, water policy
Ryan M. Pollyea
Geosciences and Mining & Minerals Engineering/Virginia TechGeologic CO2 sequestration, injection-induced seismicity, numerical modeling
Amy Pruden-Bagchi
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Applied environmental microbiology, antibiotic resistance, mine drainage remediation
Cliff Randall

Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Biological nutrient removal, eutrophication, industrial wastewater treatment, water pollution control
Megan Rippy
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechEcological engineering, green stormwater infrastructure, and freshwater salinization
Siddharth Saksena
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia TechHydrologic modeling and flood forecasting, data science applications to water resources, land use and climate change impacts on water quantity/quality
David Sample

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Stormwater management, modeling, design
Todd Scanlon

Environmental Sciences
/University of Virginia
Land-atmosphere interaction, catchment hydrology, ecohydrology
Stephen Schoenholtz

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech

Forest hydrology, watershed management, water quality, biogeochemistry, soil science
Madeline Schreiber

/Virginia Tech
Hydrology, geochemistry
Durelle Scott

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Ecohydrology, biogeochemistry, water quality
Yang Shao
Geography/Virginia TechWatershed modeling, geospatial analytics, and land use/cover change
Manoo Shirzaei
Geosciences/Virginia TechWetlands, groundwater, managed recharge, flow mechanics, flooding, and sea level rise
Julie Shortridge

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Climate change adaptation, water infrastructure planning, disaster preparedness and impacts assessment, coupled natural-human systems
Sunil Sinha
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Water infrastructure systems, asset management, infrastructure rehabilitation, pipelines
James A. Smith

Civil and Environmental Engineering/University of Virginia

Water, pathogens, nanosilver
Leonard Smock

Commonwealth University
Stream and wetland ecology, macroinvertebrates, bioassessment
Venkat Sridhar

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia TechClimate change impact assessments, hydrological modeling, water management and decision support
Meredith Steele

Crop and Soil Environmental Science/Virginia Tech

Water Quality and quantity, ecosystem services, urbanization, biogeochemical cycling
Morgan Steffen
Biology Department / James Madison UniversityCyanobacterial harmful algal blooms, aquatic microbial communities, and -omics and systems biology
Kurt Stephenson
Agricultural and Applied Economics/Virginia Tech

Water resource economics and policy, nutrient credit trading, stormwater management, incentives to reduce nutrient runoff
Ryan Stewart

Crop and Soil Environmental Science/Virginia Tech

Critical zone processes, vadose zone hydrology, soil physics
Wendy Stout
Center for Coastal Studies/VA Seafood AREC/VCE/ Fralin Life Science/Virginia TechGeospatial analysis, collaboration, outreach, and policy development for coastal resilience, coastal zone management, flood risk management, and sea level rise and subsidence
Brian D. Strahm

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech

Biogeochemistry, terrestrial-aquatic linkages, watershed management, soil science, nutrient dynamics

Kyle Strom
Civil and Environmental Engineering / Virginia TechRiver Mechanics, Environmental Hydraulics, Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, and Experimental Methods.
R. Quinn Thomas
Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation/Virginia Tech

Biogeochemistry, climate change, land-atmosphere interactions, ecosystem-climate feedbacks, modeling of ecosystems and Earth systems
Theresa Wynn Thompson
Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech
Stream and wetland restoration, streambank erosion, urban stream systems
Peter J. Vikesland
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Effects of climate change; evaporation from water-limited soils; hydrology-soil-vegetation interactions in changing climate; stormwater, groundwater
Susanna Werth swerth@vt.eduDepartment of Geosciences/Virginia TechWater cycle, water resources, temporally variable gravity field, surface deformation, climate change, modeling, signal processing
Richard Whittecar
Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences/Old Dominion University
Wetland geology and hydrology
Mark A. Widdowson
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Virginia Tech

Groundwater modeling, contaminant transport, monitored natural attentuation, bioremediation, phytoremediaiton, hydrology and hydraulics
Mary Leigh Wolfe

Biological Systems Engineering/Virginia Tech

Hydrologic modeling, NPS pollution control, watershed management
Kang Xia kxia@vt.eduSchool of Plant and Environmental Sciences/Virginia TechEnvironmental occurrence, fate, and impact of organic compounds including pesticides, emerging contaminants; Water treatment technologies, animal manure and biosolids best management
Jaewan Yoon
Civil and Environmental Engineering/Old Dominion University

Meso- and macro-scale water quality in freshwater and estuarine domains
Wei Zhang wzb@vt.eduAgricultural and Applied Economics/Virginia TechAgricultural water use, conservation programs, and water quality
Stephanie Zick
Geography/Virginia Tech

Tropical meteorology & hurricanes precipitation, numerical weather prediction radar meteorology, shape analysis

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