Announcing: VWRRC Grant Award Winners for 2014

Road signs; Chesapeake Bay Watershed , highway 81

Recently, the Water Center conducted its annual competition for recognizing and supporting students studying water resources in Virginia. In the Competitive Grants category, awards went to the following students and projects:

Emily Lipscomb, Ph.D. student in the Virginia Tech Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: “Effect of storm events on transport of antibiotic resistance genes in surface water and sediment: Implications for watershed management.”

Abby Lundstrum, M.S. student in University of Virginia Department of Environmental Sciences: “Using bioextraction to mitigate nutrient pollution in Chesapeake Bay: Is oyster aquaculture an effective BMP?”

Alison O’Connor, Ph.D. student in the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) Department of Physical Sciences/Chemical Oceanography: “Mechanism and rate of uranium sequestration and mobilization in Virginia coastal groundwater?”

Tyler Weiglein, undergraduate student in the Virginia Tech Department of Biological Systems Engineering: “Soil greenhouse gas emissions across a riparian-upland gradient: variation due to altered simulated rainfall frequency and magnitude.”

Under the Competitive Grants Program, the Water Center awards grants of up to $5000 to support research by students at Virginia colleges or universities.  More information about this grant program is available online at


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