Virginia Water Resources Research Center Student Grant Recipients for 2015

Tangier Island,  Chesapeake Bay

Recently, the Water Center had its annual competition for recognizing and supporting students studying water resources in Virginia. In the Competitive Grants category, awards went to the following students and projects:


Jonathan Doubek, Ph.D. student, Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech: “Effects of hypolimnetic hypoxia on zooplankton biomass, community composition, and vertical distribution in Virginia reservoirs: top down implications for water quality.”

Kelsey Fall, Ph.D. student, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary: “The influence of suspended particle properties on water clarity in eutrophied estuaries.”

Raymond Lee, Ph.D. student, Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Tech: “Relative roles of biogeochemical cycling and hydrologic transport on nutrient export at a forested hillslope.”

Brady Ziegler, Ph.D. student, Geosciences, Virginia Tech: “A mass balance approach to investigate arsenic in a petroleum hydrocarbon plume.”

Under the Competitive Grants Program, the Water Center awards grants of up to $5000 to support research by students at Virginia colleges or universities. More information about this grant program is available online at

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