A River of Water Research Flows Throughout the Commonwealth – VT News

Professor and Associate Director of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center Kevin McGuire (second from left) joined Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation students during a field experience lab as they sampled and learned about stream invertebrates. Photo by Sam Dean for Virginia Tech.

A recent article from Virginia Tech News highlights the work of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center: A river of water research flows throughout the commonwealth

This article, written by David Fleming, gives an overview of some of the Water Center’s projects and areas of expertise – the water degree, student grants, collaborations, conferences, and outreach efforts. 

Read excerpts of the article below: 

“The water center operates as something of a focal point for water education, outreach, and research at Virginia Tech,” said Stephen Schoenholtz, the center’s director and a professor in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. “We’re an independent, non-siloed place to foster and promote training, research, and collaboration on water challenges across the university and throughout the commonwealth.”

“In order to tackle the challenges that water faces in the coming years, we need to rely on the expertise of researchers working across different disciplines,” explained Kevin McGuire [the water center’s associate director and] an affiliated faculty member of the Global Change Center. “The more we can engage professors, future researchers, and the community into the fold, the better we can help Virginia conserve and protect our important water resources.”

“For Schoenholtz, water is the collective tie that unites many of the critical challenges of the day. “From extreme events such as droughts, wildfires, floods, and contaminant spills, to the emerging concerns about access to secure, reliable, and clean water for public health and environmental sustainability, water resource challenges are a daily part of the news cycle,” he noted. “As such, the Virginia Water Center’s mission to promote water training, research, and outreach is more relevant to Virginia Tech and the commonwealth than ever before.”

Read full article here.

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