Virginia Water Radio is Closing Out Fourteen Years of Regular Episodes

Last week, Virginia Water Radio posted its 674th show, and closed out 14 years of regular episodes! Since January 2010, Virginia Water Radio has been bringing us sounds, music, and information about the Commonwealth of Virginia’s waters. Water Radio may return from time to time with special-project episodes, so be on the lookout!

We want to mark this time to say a big thank you to Alan Raflo, Research Associate at the Virginia Water Resources Research Center, and the show’s creator and host. He has tirelessly brought us episodes from topics as wide-ranging as water legislation, birds, coastal resilience, water in U.S. civil rights history, winter preparedness, water in the human body, groundwater, community organizations, water history, insects, and river basins. 

Thanks to all the musicians, sound sources, and collaborators who contributed to the show throughout the years.  Thanks also to radio stations WEHC at Emory and Henry College, and WVRU at Radford University, for carrying the show on air each week.

Photos from Virginia Water Radio episodes. Clockwise, from upper left:

Listen to the latest episode here, and be sure to check out the hundreds of archived episodes!

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