Water in the 2024 VA General Assembly: Inventory of Water-related Legislation

The Virginia Water Resources Research Center annually compiles an inventory of water-related legislation in the Virginia General Assembly.  We publish at least one version during the session, then publish a final version after the end of the reconvened (“veto”) session.

The first version of the inventory for 2024, with bill status as of February 28, 2024, is now available (as a PDF) at the Water Center’s legislation page, online at http://www.vwrrc.vt.edu/virginia-water-legislation/.  The current version lists 135 measures that pertain to water directly or that pertain to land uses that can affect water, such as energy production and use.  Each bill in the inventory listed is hyperlinked to the bill’s entry on the Virginia Legislative Information System, where you can find a summary of the bill and the bill’s full text, and follow the course of the bill.

Click here for a more detailed list of 11 potentially significant water-related bills from the most recent General Assembly session, including their status.

The legislation page also offers inventories from previous General Assembly sessions back to 1998, information on how to follow legislation and how to contact your local General Assembly members, and links to other natural-resource legislation-tracking services.

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